I am soliciting help with a motion I am writing about my case.  (In the US DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF OKLAHOMA - USA v. DOUGLAS G WILLIAMS No. 5:14-cr-00318). 

I have been very unsuccessful with all my pro se motions and appeals to date so I am asking for help with this one because it is so very important - not just to me - but to the NATIONAL SECURITY of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Please try to follow my logic as I lay out a few random thoughts that I want to include in my motion in an attempt to get the court to stop all federal polygraph testing until such time  as the court determines the polygraph is accurate and reliable as a lie detector to the extent that it should be relied upon to protect our national security and as the sole determinant of the suitability or unsuitability of applicants for positions with the federal government. And secondly I would ask the court to safeguard all records of my case including all discovery produced by the government and any other information obtained during any investigation involving OPERATION LIE BUSTERS and forward this information to the US ATTORNEY GENERAL, the DOJ/IG, and the DHS/IG for their consideration and opinion.

I was charged with WITNESS TAMPERING for teaching a federal agent how to "beat" a polygraph test.  The case was total bullshit, and the thugs and charlatans in the USGOV polygraph industry went to great lengths to finally get the DOJ to prosecute it.  They even had to get the government attack dogs from the PUBLIC INTEGRITY unit of the DOJ to come to Oklahoma to prosecute me.  The US Attorney in the Western District of Oklahoma told my attorney: "We looked at the case, but we didn't want anything to do with it.  We prosecute real crimes - this is not a real crime".  But my prosecution did make the USGOV polygraph charlatans admit something that they had denied for decades:  That I can teach a person to control every tracing on the polygraph chart and produce a "truthful" polygraph test result regardless of whether they are lying or telling the truth.  Now, if I can do what I was charged with, convicted of, and served two years in federal prison for - teaching people how to "beat" a polygraph by showing them how to control every tracing on the polygraph chart so as to be able to produce a "truthful" chart regardless of whether they are lying or telling the truth - that is prima facie evidence the polygraph is absolutely worthless for its stated purpose of  "lie detection".  And my prosecution is proof that not only is the polygraph worthless as a "lie detector" (since the results can be manipulated easily by the person taking the test), but that the government - specifically the polygraph operators in the USGOV polygraph industry - know it is.

So, the thugs and charlatans in the USGOV polygraph industry are knowingly perpetrating a fraud by claiming to be able to detect deception and to cover up this fraud and stop my "protesting the loudest and the longest against the polygraph" certain members of the USGOV polygraph industry, Tomsheck, Swartz and Ball, came up with OPERATION LIE BUSTERS.  These three polygraph operators from the CBP/IA - the ones who were behind OPERATION LIE BUSTERS and who were removed from their positions for dereliction of duty after a DHS/IG investigation proved they spent three years doing an unauthorized investigation of and manufacturing charges against me, rather than doing the job they were assigned to do - were no doubt motivated by their hatred of me, which is deep and palpable, but, in reality, they are motivated much less by a desire to seek revenge against me for all the damage I have done to their industry and more by their abject fear that I am going to expose the entire government polygraph industry as a fraud and hold the practitioners of this evil pseudoscience up to the contempt and ridicule they so richly deserve - and, if all goes well, that is exactly what I intend to do! I also want to get compensation for the literally millions of victims of these thugs and charlatans.

What I want the court to do is to stop all federal polygraph testing until such time as the court is satisfied that it is accurate and reliable for its stated purpose of lie detection.  It seems to me, that if I can teach a person how to beat a polygraph test that should be proof that it is not sufficiently accurate and reliable enough to be used as the sole determinate of guilt or innocence or whether an applicant is suitable, or, unsuitable, truthful or deceptive. When the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENTISTS did a study on the accuracy of pre-employment polygraph testing, they concluded that it was no more accurate than the flip of a coin.  Add to that the fact that the government has now admitted it's very easy for a liar to beat this test - by virtue of the fact that they prosecuted me for training a federal agent how to do just that and have prohibited me from giving this personal polygraph test preparation training for the duration of my probation - then any reasonable and prudent person must conclude that it is a criminal waste of taxpayers money  - $4 billion annually - to continue to pay the thugs and charlatans in the government polygraph industry to perpetrate a fraud which is only beneficial to them and which unjustly enriches them at the expense of literally hundreds of thousands of American citizens.

I also plan to ask the court to safeguard all the records of my case and send them to the DHS/IG and the DOJ/IG to investigate the travesty of justice that took place in my case and evaluate the motives behind the government polygraph operators' unauthorized investigation of me - OPERATION LIE BUSTERS - and whether their actions, which already resulted in their being removed from their positions, constitute actions that are so outrageous and unreasonable as to cause the court to look at my case and consider whether or not there was a proper predicate laid to even begin OPERATION LIE BUSTERS. I would submit that rather than prosecute me on some fake set-up sting, some crime manufactured by the thugs and charlatans in the USGOV polygraph industry to cover up their fraudulent polygraph industry practices,  the DOJ should have prosecuted the thugs and charlatans in the government polygraph industry for perpetrating a massive evil fraud themselves. That is why I'm asking the court to send all the records of my case to the DOJ/IG and the DHS/IG - let's see what what they think about OPERATION LIE BUSTERS -  who knows, when it's all said and done, it may very well be that those thugs and charlatans in the US federal government polygraph industry  behind OPERATION LIE BUSTERS - specifically Tomsheck, Schwartz and Ball - who end up getting busted.  Now, that's what I would call poetic justice...

Please download the file, read the motion (at least what I've come up with so far) and feel free to make any suggestions you like.  Thanks, Doug Williams.  My contact information is at the top of the page and my twitter handle is @DougWilliams_PG