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This is a chapter from the 2014 Second Edition



It is now very obvious that the first edition of this book was distributed to just about every polygraph operator on the face of the earth.  I have still not achieved my goal of destroying the dangerous myth of lie detection, but I have succeeded in infuriating those who administer these so-called lie detector tests and the government agencies who employ them.  Polygraph operators know they can’t win a debate with me, and they know they can’t present any valid reason for their continued use of the polygraph as a “lie detector”, so one man came forward with a desperate plan designed to finally try to stop me for good.  This man’s name is John R. Schwartz, and his plan was called OPERATION LIE BUSTERS.   Schwartz heads the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Internal Affairs Credibility Assessment Division, and according to newspaper reports, he said those who “protest the loudest and the longest” against polygraph testing “are the ones that I believe we need to focus our attention on.”  There is no doubt that I am the one who has protested the loudest and the longest against polygraph testing, but when did protesting become a felony crime?  Why did the Department of Justice decide to go along with Schwartz and violate my first and fourth amendment rights and try to throw me in prison for daring to speak out against the abuse caused by the use of the insidious Orwellian instrument of torture commonly referred to as the “lie detector”?  I can’t tell you how utterly helpless, hopeless, angry and depressed I was (and still am) when the reality of what the government has done and why they are doing it finally dawned on me. 


It is frightening when you consider that at the urging of one vindictive government polygraph operator, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, the CBP, the US Secret Service, the FBI, and many other government agencies would form an armed task force and raid my office; that they could hold me against my will for hours, terrorize my wife and me, search my office and my home, and seize all of my computers, my polygraph instruments and every scrap of information that was of any interest to them.  What is even more depressing and troubling is the fact that I was powerless to stop them, and that I have no recourse, no way to call them to account for their blatant violation of my Constitutional rights. 


The evolution of how polygraph operators, and the government, have dealt with me has changed drastically in the forty years I have been fighting the abuse caused by the dangerous myth of lie detection.  It tells you more about them and the police state that our country has become than it does about me.  At first they simply ignored my assertions that I could teach anyone how to pass a polygraph test in ten minutes or less.  I think they were hoping that I would just shut up and go away.  They didn’t want to respond to me because they didn’t want to do anything that would draw attention to the problems inherent in calling the polygraph a "lie detector".  Polygraph operators are much like cockroaches in that they don't like the light of objective scrutiny to be shined on their shady operation.  They all know the polygraph is not reliable and effective as a "lie detector”, and they know they can’t prove that it is a valid and reliable means to detect deception or to verify truthfulness.  So, when I first came up with the idea of teaching people how to pass a polygraph test and published my little manual, HOW TO STING THE POLYGRAPH, they simply ignored it. 


I have been putting on seminars, instructing people on the Sting Technique and giving television demonstrations of how easily a person can control every tracing on the chart for almost forty years.  I even testified in the US Congress, and explained in detail how easily a person could be taught to “beat” a polygraph test.  I hoped that by doing this so publicly I would be able to drive home the point that the polygraph was worthless as a lie detector.  Polygraph operators have always said that the polygraph is accurate 85 to 95% of the time, but all the scientific evidence proves that simply is not true.  Polygraph proponents also maintained steadfastly that it was impossible for a person to control the results of a polygraph test and always produce what the polygraph examiner would expect to see from a truthful subject.  But I kept proving that both of those claims by polygraph operators were false.  The polygraph is no more accurate than the toss of a coin, and the results can be easily manipulated by anyone with just a small amount of training.  Polygraph operators then changed the way they responded to me by simply saying that all I was doing was teaching people how to make "distortions" to the polygraph chart.  They still maintained that I could not teach a person how to duplicate a "truthful" polygraph chart. 


Eventually they recognized that they had to take a different approach to “the problems caused by Doug Williams” because, by the early 80’s, I had been on national television demonstrating how easily I could teach a person to control every tracing on the polygraph chart and produce a classic “truthful” polygraph chart tracing by simply following my simple instructions.  So they changed their strategy and adopted the position that while it was possible for me to teach a person how to control every tracing on the polygraph chart, that these so called "countermeasures" were easily detected.  It was then that the word "countermeasures" first began to be used by polygraph operators to describe my Sting Technique.  As mentioned earlier in this book, the government polygraph school, under the direction of Dr. Gordon Barland, actually started teaching courses on how polygraph operators could learn to detect the use of the use of these "countermeasures".  And as I have also mentioned earlier in this book Barland used my manual, HOW TO STING THE POLYGRAPH, as his textbook.  After he retired, Barland told me that he was very concerned that polygraph operators were “overly confident in their ability to detect countermeasures".  He as much as admitted in one of his e-mails to me that it was impossible for them to tell, with any degree of certainty, whether or not a person was using my techniques to pass their polygraph test.


I have two reasons for teaching people how to pass their polygraph tests:  1) just telling the truth only works about half the time, so if you are going to pass you must learn how to pass, and 2) if I could prove that I could teach a person how to control every tracing on the polygraph chart, and always produce a "truthful" polygraph test result regardless of whether they are lying or telling the truth, that would be prima facie evidence that the polygraph is absolutely worthless as a "lie detector".  Polygraph operators know this is the best evidence that the polygraph is worthless as a “lie detector” and it would be all that was necessary to finally destroy the myth of “lie detection” – which is why they refused for many years to acknowledge that so called “countermeasures” actually work.


I knew polygraph operators especially those in the government were very upset with me, and were becoming more and more paranoid and frustrated by what I was doing to undermine the myth of "lie detection".  In about 2001, aside from selling my manual and video/DVD on my website, I began offering practice tests and what I referred to as personal polygraph test preparation training.  And this made polygraph operators even more paranoid and angry than ever!


This one-on-one training is simply a way to help truthful people prove their truthfulness because all the evidence, and, even the government's own statistics, proves that just telling the truth only works about 50% of the time.  So I just offer people a chance to come see that they can produce a perfect truthful chart by simply following the instructions in my manual.  The training consists of a little relaxation training I call the enhanced mental imagery training where I incorporate a form of hypnosis and train people to relax when they answer the relevant questions.  This relaxation training simply involves reciting a hypnotic script I have created and linking it to the relevant questions.  I tell the person being trained that in order to re-create the feeling of relaxation that this hypnotic script induces they simply have to label the relevant questions as relevant questions in their mind prior to answering them on the polygraph test.  It is amazing how well this works.  I have been doing it for a number of years now and everyone is able to overcome their nervousness when answering the relevant questions by simply labeling the questions as the relevant questions prior to answering them because that triggers the subconscious mind into thinking about the beach rather than thinking about the relevant questions.  I then hook them up to the polygraph and run three practice tests tailored to their situation.  I have the latest computerized polygraph instrument with the latest scoring software and we run three practice tests.  At the conclusion of each test I show them their computer generated score and it is always NO DECEPTION INDICATED.  I have always maintained, and have proved, that it makes no difference whether or not a person is telling the truth as long as they know how to utilize the "Sting Technique" properly; they will always pass their polygraph test – nervous or not – no matter what!



In 2013, the polygraph industry took a much more aggressive approach to dealing with me – and with the problems I caused them by continuing to teach so-called "countermeasures".   They finally admitted that “countermeasures” were being used, and they spent millions of dollars trying to convince themselves and others that while countermeasures did indeed exist and that they could be used effectively, it was not a problem because polygraph operators could be taught to recognize them.  But they were becoming more and more paranoid because they knew that countermeasures did indeed work and that they were in fact unable to determine whether or not anyone was using them to pass their polygraph test.  Their paranoia had increased to the point that they began routinely accusing everyone of using countermeasures.


Finally in 2013 their hatred of me and their paranoia of my ability to destroy the myth of "lie detection" by proving that countermeasures were indeed effective and that their polygraph machine was worthless as a lie detector increased to the boiling point, and they began an unscrupulous and unconstitutional attempt to criminalize the teaching of so-called “countermeasures”.   They decided that the only way to shut me up was to try to put me in prison!  This plan, devised by John R Schwartz, was a blatant assault on my rights under the 1st and 4th Amendments called "OPERATION LIE BUSTERS". 


Here is how my little part in the John R. Schwartz production of the Keystone Cops’ Kabuki Theater began: ..... 

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"It is time to put a stop to this government sponsored sadism perpetrated by those who use this insidious Orwellian instrument of torture called the 'lie detector'!  Education is the most effective weapon I have to finally put a stop to the abusive practice of polygraph 'testing'.  Help me by educating yourself and others.Doug Williams

"FROM COP TO CRUSADER" is available on KINDLE & AMAZON.  Click here to order:


"It is time to put a stop to this government sponsored sadism perpetrated by those who use this insidious Orwellian instrument of torture called the 'lie detector'!  Education is the most effective weapon I have to finally put a stop to the abusive practice of polygraph 'testing'.  Help me by educating yourself and others.    Please get this book and send it to as many people as you can - it literally destroys the myth of 'lie detection'  It would assist me greatly in the crusade if you would purchase this book for only $9.99 by clicking here:  FROM COP TO CRUSADER."  Doug Williams

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